The D&D 3.5 Book Vault


This page contains a list of the D&D v. 3.5 hardcover books we currently have in our library and use in our campaign. 


Core Books:

1. Players Handbook

2. Dungeon Master Guide

3. Monster Manual I



4. Players Handbook II

5. Monster Manual II

6. Monster Manual III

7. Monster Manual IV

8. Monster Manual V

9. Monsters of Faerun

10. Spell Compendium

11. Magic Item Ciompendium

12. Rules Compendium

13. Complete Divine

14. Complete Arcane

15. Complete Warrior

16. Complete Scoundrel

17. Complete Adventurer

18. Lord of Madness

19. Libris Mortis

20. Book of Exalted Deeds

21. Heroes of Horror

22. Heroes of Battle

23. Tome of Magic

24. Tome of Battle

25. Planar Handbook

26. Races of the Wild

27. Races of Stone

28. Races of Destiny

29. Epic Level Handbook

30. Weapons of Legacy

31. Planar Handbook

32. Arms and Equipment guide

33. Fiend Folio

34. Book of Vile Darkness

35. Power of Faerun

36. Miniatures Handbook

37. Tome of Battle: The book of nine swords

38. Stronghold Builders Guidebook



Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting v.3.5

39. Lords of Darkness

40. Campaign Setting

41. Player Guide to Faerun

42. Shining South

43. Silver Marches

44. Uapproachable East

45. Mysteries of the Moonsea

46. City of Splendors: Waterdeep

47. Lost Empires of Faerun

48. Magic of Faerun

49. Underdark

50. Faiths and Pantheons


Forgotten Realms Adventures

51. Cormyr - Tearing of the weave

52. Shadowdale - The Scouring of the Land

53. Anauroch - The Empire of Shade


54. Expedition to the Undermountain


Fantastic Locations: Battlemap adventures for D&D miniatures

55. Dragondown Grotto

56. Fane of the Drow









D&D v. 3.5 Online Library


Core source books 

Players Handbook


Dungeon Master Guide


Monster Manual I




Spell Compendium


Magic Item Compendium


Rules Compendium


Complete Divine


Complete Adventurer


Complete Arcane


Complete Scoundrel


Complete Warrior


Races of destiny


Races of Stone


Races of the wild


Stronghold Builders Guidebook

Stronghold Builders Guidebook coverthumb.jpg