D&D Miniatures I



Here you will see some of the large collection of D&D miniatures we have in stock and use in our game sessions. The selection covers approx. 90 per cent of the full collection.


Each miniature is only showed once but we typically have from 1 to 5 of each. They are catagorised according to the 33 catagories shown to the right (typically, race, class, monster type or size catagory) and not according to which release series they belong to. Rare, uncommen and common are also mixed. If you want to see the miniatures sorted according to series go wisit:  http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/mix/gallery


The main purpose of this gallery is to enable the group players to go and look for a suitable character miniature or looking for a suitable creature to use as familar, animal companion or summoned creature.


The DM also use this page as a quick overview of what suitable miniatures we have in stock to use in the adventures.


Names on each miniature is currently being inserted.


1. Animals


          Giant Stag Bettle                           Dire Ape (L)                   Celestrial Bear            Dire Weasel          Celestrial Lion            Dire Wolverine (L)                   Dire rat                     Dire Bat (L)                                       Dire Tiger (L)




     Fiendish Girallon (L)                  Flame Snake         Giant Centipede                     Giant Eagle (L)                                    Hunting Cougar                Iron Defender              Monitor Lizard                        Spectral Panther                                   Cave Bear


   Swarm of Spiders (L)                   Thundertusk Boar (L)                                              Vampire Direwolf (L)                                                           Visejaw Crocodile (L)                     War Ape                           Winter Wolf (L)


        Wolf                           Hellstinger Scorpion (L)                                     Unicorn (L)                               Celestial Dire Badger                                  Dire Bear (L)                                   Timber Wolf                        Giant Frog




                        Feymire Crocodile (H)


2. Barbarians


Baberian Mercenary            Wulgar            Carrion Tribe Babarian


3. Bugbears


Blood Ghost berserker                       Bugbear Footpad                                            Bugbear Gang Leader


4. Cityfolk




5. Clerics and Druids






6. Cyclops and Ettins


                                      Cyclops (L)                                                                  Ettin - Jack of Irons (L)                                                          Ettin - Spirit Talker (L)                                                                    Cyclops Crusher (L)



7. Demons and Devils



                               Mezzoloth                              Gnaw Demon (S)                  Hellhound                  Helmed Horror                                   Solamith (L)                                   Warbound Impaler (L)




                                    Balor (H)                                                                                                 War Devil (L)                               Abyssal Eviscarator                                          Orcus: Prince of Undeath (G)



8. Dragons and Hydras


Crested Felldrake (S)  Small Black Dragon (S)  Pseudodragon (T)  Red Wyrmling                      Black dragon                                           Greenspawn Razorfiend (L)       nnn




                                        Elder Green Dragon (H)                                                                                Elder Red Dragon (H)                                                                            Fen Hydra (L)                                          Young Gold Dragon (L)



                                                          Icingdeath, Gargantuan white dragon (G)                                                                 Gargantuan Blue dragon (G)                                                                                                                                                                       


                                   Heroslayer Hydra (H)                                                                         Large Black Dragon (L)                                                   Young Green Dragon (L)



                                     Dracolich (H)


9. Drow


          Spider of Loth                      Drow Adventurer     Drow assasin             Drow Demonbinder                            Drizzt, Drow Ranger        Mounted Drow Patrol (L)

                                       Drider Fanglord (L)


10. Dwarves



11. Elementals


Large Air Elemental (L)                Medium Air elemental                    Living Flaming Sphere         Medium water elemental     Magmin (S)              Large Earth Elemental (L)                                    Elemental Wall (L)


        Loyal Earth Elemental (L)                                                 Small Fire Elemental (S)                            Huge Fire Elemental (H)                                              Large Fire Elemental (L)


                                          Earth Titan (H)                                                                             Large Astral Contruct (L)


12. Elves




13. Fighters and Paladins



   DDLM60 Zhentarim Soldier



14. Giants



           Hill Giant Chieftain (L)                                         Storn Giant Thunderer (L)                                      Frost Giant (L)                               Stone Giant (L)                                                             Cloud Giant (H)


15. Gnolls





16. (Hob)Goblins and Kobolds

Goblin Skirmisher (S)    Goblin Warrior (S)    Hobgoblin Impaler    Dragonwrought Kobold (S)  Goblin Picador (S)       Hobgoblin Marshal        Snig the Axe (S)              Snig, Worg Rider                       Blue (S)      Kobold Miner (S)       Hobgoblin Wyrmpriest (S)


17. Golems and Gargoyles


                                 Maug (L)                                                           Gargoyle                                     Stone Golem (L)                                               Bronze Golem (L)                                                     Gargoyle (L)



18. Halflings and Gnomes





19. Lizardfolk and Dragonborns

                   DDLM12 Dragonborn Elementalist

Dark Talon Champion             Lizard Folk Raider          Troglodyte Barbarian      Aurak Draconian             Greenspawn Zealot                   Dragonborn defender       Troglodyte Thug               Dragonborn Elementalist



                                   Kuyutha, Exarch of Bahamut (L)                                                                                                       Sivak Draconion (L)








(T) = Tiny figure

(S) = Small figure

(L) = Large figure

(H) = Huge Figure

(G) = Gargantuan figure






1. Animals    


2. Barbarians


3. Bugbears


4. Cityfolk


5. Clerics

 & Druids


6. Cyclops and Ettins


7. Demons and Devils


8. Dragons and Hydras


9. Drow


10. Dwarves


11. Elementals


12. Elves


13. Fighters and Paladins


14. Giants


15. Gnoll


16. (Hob)Goblins and Kobolds


17. Golems and Gargoyles


18. Halflings and Gnomes


19. Lizardfolk and Dragonborns


20. Monks


21. Ogres


22. Orcs


23. Other NPC/character races


24. Other huge monsters


25. Other large Monsters


26. Other large Flying Creatures


27. Other Medium Monsters


28. Other Small Monsters


29. Ranger, Bards and Rogues


30. Mounted Riders


31. Trolls


32. Undeads and Spirits


33. Wizards and Sorcerers