D&D Miniatures II



Here you will see some of the large collection of D&D miniatures we have in stock and use in our game sessions. The selection covers approx. 90 per cent of the full collection.


Each miniature is only showed once but we typically have from 1 to 5 of each. They are catagorised according to the 33 catagories shown to the right (typically, race, class, monster type or size catagory) and not according to which release series they belong to. Rare, uncommen and common are also mixed. If you want to see the miniatures sorted according to series go wisit:  http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/mix/gallery


The main purpose of this gallery is to enable the group players to go and look for a suitable character miniature or looking for a suitable creature to use as familar, animal companion or summoned creature.


The DM also use this page as a quick overview of what suitable miniatures we have in stock to use in the adventures.


Names on each miniature is currently being inserted.


20. Monks



21. Ogres


                                               Brutal Ogre Warhulk (L)                                               Ogre Skirmisher (L)                                                             Ogre Pulveriser (L)


22. Orcs



           Orc Wizard                   Orc Raider                        Orc warrior                     Orc Terror Blade                         Orc Savage



23. Other NPC / Character races







DDLM31 Minotaur Mangler


24. Other Huge Monsters


  DDLM19 Fomorian Painbringer

                                 Blackroot Treant (H)                                                       Enormous Carrion Crawler (H)                                                                     Shadow Hulk (H)                                                                           Fomorian Painbringer (H)


  DDLM53 Trihorn Behemoth 

                           Beholder Ultimate Tyrant (H)                                                                       Remorhaz (H)                                                                          Trihorn Behemoth (H)                                                           Rime Hound (H)




                                    Treant (H)                                                                                      Purple Worm (H)



25. Other large Monsters

        Blue Slaad (L)                                           Gorgon (L)                                                              Greater Basilisk (L)                                                      Otyugh (L)                                     Umberhulk (L)                                             Naga (L)


                   Hook Horror (L)                                                     Tritorn (L)                                           Shahuagin Chieftain (L)                                                         Trained Carrion Crawler (L)                                            Khumat (L)




  DDLM35 Oni Night Haunter

         Green Slaad (L)                                         Oni Night Hunter (L)


26. Other Large Flying Creatures








27. Other Medium Monsters


DDLM46 Spell Weaver


  DDLM42 Shadar-Kai Warrior DDLM44 Shardmind Dominator



28. Other Small Monsters




29. Ranger, Bards and Rogues


DDLM21 Human Marauder



30. Mounted Riders




31. Trolls

                   Bladerager Troll (L)                                     Skalmad, The Troll King (L)                                  War Troll (L)                                                                                                                         Mountain Troll (H)


32. Undeads and Spirits




33. Wizards and Sorcerers







(T) = Tiny figure

(S) = Small figure

(L) = Large figure

(H) = Huge Figure

(G) = Gargantuan figure






1. Animals    


2. Barbarians


3. Bugbears


4. Cityfolk


5. Clerics

 & Druids


6. Cyclops and Ettins


7. Demons and Devils


8. Dragons and Hydras


9. Drow


10. Dwarves


11. Elementals


12. Elves


13. Fighters and Paladins


14. Giants


15. Gnoll


16. (Hob)Goblins and Kobolds


17. Golems and Gargoyles


18. Halflings and Gnomes


19. Lizardfolk and Dragonborns


20. Monks


21. Ogres


22. Orcs


23. Other NPC/character races


24. Other huge monsters


25. Other large Monsters


26. Other large Flying Creatures


27. Other Medium Monsters


28. Other Small Monsters


29. Ranger, Bards and Rogues


30. Mounted Riders


31. Trolls


32. Undeads and Spirits


33. Wizards and Sorcerers