Who are Group 1?




We are currently a group of 6 people dedicated to D&D. The majority of the members have a huge experience and a track record for more than 20+ years in playing various RPG systems, though D&D has been the primare prefered system. Four of the members has played RPG since the 1980's where the Red D&D Basic set was released for sale in Europe.


All members are 35+ years old and we are all are located in Eastern part of Jutland.


We play bi-weekly on Thursday evenings.


The "Orc cave", which serve as our gaming room is located just 13 km North of Central Aarhus.




Starting rules


Here you can find the starting rules for both level 1 characters and higher level characters which has been agreed for this group


1. Starting rules DMs




About the Characters


Dungeon Master & Site Owner »
A. Smed


Picture says it all - No further explanation required.....



Current Characters





Large, Male Half-Orc, Fighter/War-Hulk »

Member of Outsiders of Phlan
Peter Brandt Vand


Thock was raised in the streets of Phlaan. His mother was raped by an Orc, his mother made her life as a servant in a tavern, and they lived in a small room they rented. One day Thock’s mother got sick and they didn’t have money for a cleric, so Thock’s mother died from the sickness. The landlord kicked Thock out, so it was the streets for Thock.

Thock used the only way he knew to survive strength, so he bullied the others street Child in to giving him food, so he could survive. Thock didn’t enjoy that but survival was the only think he could think of at that time.

Years passed and Thock got older, one day his Luck changed, he was strolling down the streets when a closed carriage with a horse was galoping towards him, with out thinking, which is easy for Thock, he grasped the reins and used him big strength to stop the carriage. It turned out that it was one of the masters from a fighting school in town. He took Thock in and let him live at the school and train with the others. Finally Thock had found some meaning in life, finally something to use his big strength to.

The next couple of years was good and Thock was tolerated at the school, until the accident. Thock was doing an exercise with the other boys, and he didn't mean to hit so hard, but the swing had full momentum and the other young man was hurt bad. It turned out to the son off a sponsor for the school and he got mad, because his son was hurt.

The Master had to let Thock leave or he would lose his sponsorship. He talked with Thock and gave him some equipment and money so h could survive. He told Thock to find some adventurers and see the world, train his skills as a fighter, always help the down trodden, and then come back and show him what Thock had learned.

So now Thock is looking for some adventurers that can help see the world, and be a better fighter and help where he can.


He became permanently enlarged and is now more resembling a half-ogre in appearance. If it was this who lead him to take up the training as War-Hulk is unknown.




Sio Ignis (formerly Kimberly)

Female Whisper Gnome, Evoker/Bonded Summoner »


Most recent member of Outsiders of Phlan


Regin Glob




Kimberley is an attractive whispergnome from Hillsfar. But her attractiveness is most likely only a first hand impression as she has a habbit of sweeping peoples feet away under them with her rude tongue and bad manners. As attractive her looks are so unattractive is her behaviour that she has great difficulties finding friends and acquaintancees.

How she has become so unloveable is a good question as she is not aware of her own bad mannerism, she is not the reflecting kind of girl, she sees her lack of friendships more as :”all the other people are wrong and not worth spending time on”.

Looking from the outside there seems to be a red thread through her life, that she has worked in maleoriented communities with rowdish and undisciplined languageuse. She has worked as the ”Verminator” in different dwarfmines, slaying rats and spiders and an occasional looter, where noone cared for good or bad behaviour.

Her last job was in a goldmine in the mountains near Bliss, but as the mine dried out she was fired and since then she has been drifting around only having shortterm jobs.

One day, Kimberley found herself as the rescuer of a young human named Lorach, he was hired to take care of a caravan when they were ambushed by goblins. Kimberley watched as the goblins slayed merchants and guards, her eyes fell on a young man being stuck below his dying horse, as he tried his best to rid himself of the weight of the horse he caught the attention of a goblinguard. The goblin saw an opportunity for an easy target and rushed towards the defenceless human. That was too much for Kimberley who mumbled a spell and the magic missile flew and made maximum impact and slayed the goblin. Kimberley took the chance and neared the man and helped him free himself and they took of into the woods before the other goblins, whom was busy looting the caravan, saw them. A friendship was on the upstart.





Slaathan Darss

Male Lizard Man, Dragon Shaman »


Member of Outsiders of Phlan


Rene Thomsen



Slaathan was born at one of the mountains belonging to the Spine of the World in Northern Faerûn. The mountain lies south of Icewind Dale and the northern icecaps. In addition to the cold harsh nature, the region is also filled with foul creatures, such as ogres and orcs, ... and nice warmy Lizardfolks that organizes themselves in small savage societies called clans.

Slaathan belonged to one of these proud clans that lived in underwater air-filled mountain caves. The clan worshipped the Silver dragon Turac (Turac meaning cold, frozen, and Ice-North) - ruler of the mountain region that was believed to be located in a lair in the same region as the clan.

Unfortunately, clans are sometimes attacked by other not so friendly clans and this also happened to Slaathan's. A hostile Lizardfolk clan almost annihilated the local Lizardfolk people except for little Slaathan. Survival is the utmost concern of lizardfolks and he managed to survive the horrible attack and escape from his enemies by walking through a very narrow mountain passage. The passage led to the main lair of Turac and Slaathan became a servant and true follower of the mighty silver dragon.

After many years of loyally serving the dragon and learning more and more of the dragonic way of life, Turac one day told him that he was not the only survivor from the horrible attack many years ago. The dragon asked him to find the other survivors and bring them back home to the dragon lair. Why? Slaathan did not know but the dragon would always know what was best for his tribe! Suddenly, everything went dark around Slaathan and he heard strange draconic whispers. When he woke up he was very far from the dragon's lair - and the Spine of the World mountains. He found himself lying outside the city gates of Phlaan - a town that he had never heard about or wanted to visit beforehand. Perhaps Turac had something to do with this strange way of travelling?

Ready to follow the dragon's advice and to prove himself worthy as a fellow Draconian, he is now exploring Phlan in search of a group of adventurers that can help him on his way - both to find survivors of his clan - and to seek revenge for the attack on his fellow clan members.

Despite the green scales covering his body, Slaathan is a relatively good-looking man with strong claws, a nice tail, and a passionate bite. Overall, lizardfolk like Slaathhan are stoic and quiet, showing their passion in action and not in words. Slaathan prefers frontal assults complying very well to to his motto 'no beating around the bush - move forward'.




Glim Seebo Zorock Gargins Nornock Garrick

Male Chaos Gnome, Rogue/Warlock »


Member of Outsiders of Phlan


Christian Stenz




"Seebo" is a very young gnome of 28 years, only almost an adult, quite small, 3 feet high weighting 30lb.
He sends his prayers to the lady luck, Tymora.

Seebo has green eyes, which change in hue and brightness depending on his mood - from bright red when angry or excited to dull green or blue when bored or disappointed. Imago normally have similarly bright hair color, ranging from vivid red to blond, but Seebo's is pitch black, thereby earning him the nickname "Blackie". Once in a while a child with pitch black hair is born in Seebos family. He has questioned his mother and father about this as he stands out from the other kids, but he has received no real answer, though he feels they do know more than they tell him. "Doublelock" he earned from friends by picking his mothers double-locked treasure chest at an age of only 10. "Finder" he got because he is good at e-hem "finding" stuff...

He has lots of other names too, but Glim, Seebo and Zorock are the ones he most often use.

Seebo originate from The Vast, situated southwest of The Moonsea.
His people, the "Imago" (known as chaos gnomes) had lived in a settlement near the Earthfast Mountains. The settlement was breaking up, and the different imago families moving on to new places. Seebos family decided to travel to the city Ravens Bluff, together with a couple of other imago families.
The Imago are very fond of magic - especially arcane magic - and almost everyone can do a magic trick or two.

In Ravens Bluff Seebo found questionable new friends, with which he looted travelers and merchants, and burglary. Even though he definitely has talent in these arts, one day bad luck stroke. He and a comrade had broken into a rich mans home, he had heard talk of this guy being a wizard or such, and they wanted to see if they could "find" some interesting items in his house.
They got into the house easy enough, and split up to search the house. Suddenly he heard his comrade scream and the wizard roar, a bright light followed and the smell of burnt hair reached his nose. Seebo had no way of escape, but suddenly found a large glowing ring in the next room. He had heard talk of portals, so he slipped through it to escape the mad wizard.

He found himself in a new mansion, where he found a good hiding spot. After waiting some hours he left the house. He decided to try and go back the next night, even though he would risk facing the wizard. When he returned at night though, the house was full of people and he could not get in unseen.
The next night he tried again, and by then the people were gone.
He got into the house quick enough, but when he found the room again the portal was gone.

So, he found himself situated in Phlan, whithout many friends. But, he decided to look at the bright side of things, maybe learn some new tricks in this godforsaken place. He wanted to find new friends and go adventuring!





Male Lesser Asimar, Cleric of Mystra »


Member of Outsiders of Phlan


Steffan Olesen



Zorion is a young male around 20 years old. He was born in a small town in Cormyr. His mother died giving birth to him and he was therefore brought up by his father. From the start he had felt different that other peoples in the town and do things other humans in town. When confronting his father with this he was told that he was a descendant of an outsider on his mother’s side. This mixing (as his father called it) between a human and outsider had happened many generations ago. Exactly by which kind of creature was he not sure off, but his mother had always meant it was a Ghaele  because of her (and his) pearly blue opalescent eyes.

Even though his father was a wizard, Zorion wanted to join the monastery to get even more in touch with his deity.


In the monastery Zorion learnt the ways of the cleric. To be a good person and to help fight evil where ever it is needed.


After many years in the monastery Zorion left as a young man. He now wanted to go out into the world to do the work of his deity, find out more about the celestial ancestor who has made him special. His thoughts of his mother and what he could have learned about his ancestors from her often troubles him.


On his travel around the world for answers and serving his deity he now happens to be in Phlan looking for a group of adventurers to help him on his way and which he can help on their path.




Former Characters





Male Human, Warmage »


Peter Vand Brandt
Prospect to join Outsiders of Phlan

Retired as Level 4



Lorach grew up as the third son of small merchant house in Melvaunt, as the last son no one expected him to take over the buisnesss, so Lorach lived the easy life in Melvaunt.


He was quite the disappointment to his father, so when Lorach got involved in his third drunken fight, enough was enough. His father sent him to the Warmage College of Taarth Moorda to learn the way of a Warmage, that way he could be used as a guard for the houses caravans and hopefully stay out of trouble.


At the college Lorach found his meaning in life, and now he knew what to do with his life. Train as a Warmage, see the world, NOT watch over some stupid goods.


When Lorach came back, his father made him work as a guard, but not all went well, when the caravans got attacked, well lets just say that spell didn’t just hit the attackers...


On the last trip the caravan was attacked again, and this time Lorach thought his luck had run out, no more spells left and the last big Goblin was coming straight for him, then all of a sudden out of nowhere a magic missile came flying in hitting the goblin and then another and he went down, whio was this savior... A little gnome, not the prettiest of them, and definetly not the most soft spoken, but she saved my butt that day, and boy can she talk about it, in a language that could even make the most drunk sailor bluss. Kimberly was her name and she helped me get the caravan back to Melvaunt. She told she was looking for work in the mines near Bliss, but i got the impression that it was not what she really wanted.


Father was upset again, and told me to help find the heir to the house Bruill, so he could get in their favor, and earn some prestige and wealth in Melvaunt. I really didn’t care, but could see that i better do what he said...


So i thought, that i needed some help and who better to back me up than Kimberly, so i went and asked if she would join me and this adventure, so i could pay back for her help, by geting her out of the mines and we could se the world together, maybe the world ain’t ready for us, but then who is. I like to call us beauty and the beast, but on the way to the orc ruins we have learned to live and appreciate each other, and if we end up in a tight spot, i know Kimberly will help me and i help her.


Now we are off on an adventure and no one knows where it will end.




Sargas al Zahr "The Natural"

Male Gnome, Sorcerer»
Member of Outsiders of Phlan

Died as Level 3

Regin Glob


Sargas Al Zahr is a young (in gnome years), good looking, shy but eloquent male. With a dark tan showing from his southern heritage, growing up among the Sandpeople in the Calim desert…

Sargas is still a young Gnome of only 48 years; he is small even for a gnome as he reaches only 3” 10´ or something like a 1, 10 meter in human standards weighing in at only 56 pounds.

When things sometimes get difficult, Sargas has used his childish looks to get out of trouble. In situations he has disguised himself as a human boy from his village to obscure the fact that he was around when “things happened” in the village. Saving him on occasions but also making him unpopular amongst the other boys. But his charms and well spoken words has restored their confidence in him and it seems that he has a special ability to get out of trouble and get away with it.

Sargas is a proud boy, proud of his wits, his looks (from his mothers side) and his charms and intellect (from his father), but also well aware of his flaws, his frail body structure and his incompetence to defend himself physically! As a boy he was an outsider, a Gnome in a human society, he used to spend days and night reading books about foreign countries, history, heroes and magic. Never got the hang of playing gladiators with the other human boys. He was a silent nature, drifting around in the woods and sand dunes selecting herbs, plants and small animals with his dad to create different concoctions for healing, poisons and spell components, he was even an outsider to other Gnomes, but as gnomes are pretty easy going they seldom takes much notice of others “special” lifestyles.

When Sargas once in a while leaves the nice comfort of home he often seeks out the big guys to get along with, that way they compensate for his small size and skinny arms and others are less reluctant to bully a small gnome when his ally is the brute of the town, and then brutes are often a little easier to manipulate than others and they also make great cover!

The Al Zahr family spends their whole life trying to live their lives as humans, it was very important for his father to be accepted; therefore they changed their names from the normal extremely unpronounceable names of gnomes to a short ordinary human name. Mikel Al Zahr still put a little gnomish humor in their new-taken name when he took their last name after his greatest hobby, Gambling. Al Zahr simply means gambling for the southerners of Faerun. Sargas was taught some of the cheap tricks from his dad in “how to succeed in gambling” but until now he has not shown great interest in that side of his father’s life.


Silwen Lantaraana

Female Elf, Druid »

Member of Warriors of Wheloon

Retired as Level 20


Christian Stenz

Silwen is a young elven druid of only 120 years. She has green eyes and silver white hair.
She loves her animal companion, and calls them sweet names like “doggy” or “kittie” even though e.g. the latter is a 130 pound cheetah! She enjoys the company of others but is also happy by herself enjoying the company of her animals.

Being a rather fragile elf, she focuses her powers on spell casting and summoning of various animals. Her ability to shift shape is mostly used for scouting and problem solving. She is alert and focused on her surroundings, and makes a good scout. She believes in the natural balance of things and actively tries to preserve it. She loves battle and exploring, and appreciates encountering new environments and creatures. She loves the outdoors and especially the forests, dungeons aren’t her cup of tea, but she does enjoy wiping them for unnatural beings.

She is an easy going, care free girl, looking for adventures, and trying to learn experience in order to become more powerful. One of her long term goals is to reclaim the forest she grew up in, which has been taken over by raiding orcs. Then she could re-establish and protect her elven community there.

Her deity is Selune, the moon goddess, protector of wanderers and female spell casters among others, who she worships privately. Her chosen adult name is heavily inspired by Selune, meaning “Shining Maiden of the Setting Moon”.



Zulkin Wandblade

Male Elf, Wizard »
Member of Warriors of Wheloon

Retired as Level 20


Rene Thomsen


Zulkin Wandblade is a mature elven wizard, 127 years old. He is wearing a typical wizard outfit - a black cloak for a rainy day and a staff to easen the burden of violent encounters. He was raised by his father on a local wizard school near the town of Nimlith located on the elven island of Evermeet. He rarely talks about his childhood though so this will be the last information about his upbringing.

Zulkin has strong opinions regarding the proper handling of magic and abhor the use of magic for entertainment or villainous errands. He advocates the use for magic only in life-threatening situations and not for public entertainment. Zulkin is primarily focusing on mastering combat magic and considers it a great honor to ensure the survival of the group in dangerous situations.

By the nature of his profession, Zulkin is an invidualist who follows his own heart (and opportunities to expand his magical knowledge and abilities arising therefrom). However, he also finds comfort among the other adventurers and enjoys exploring unknown territories together with his new friends. Generally, he does not like to take orders unless it is in accordance with his own perception of the situation (which is often the right one).

For now, Zulkin's primary goal is to avenge the murder of his father committed by a Red Wizard of Thay. Throughout history, Elves at Evermeet have had numerous confrontations with the Red Wizards and now it seems that Zulkin will play an active part in this historical struggle.



Strider Kelemborn

Male Human

Paladin/Ruby Knight Vindicator/Crusader

Member of Warriors of Wheloon

Retired as Level 20


Steffan Olesen


Born and raised in a monastery of Kelemvor because the parents was killed.
The mother only barely survived until haven given birth.
Trained in the monastery as knight to help the church when in need. And has done so on numerous occasions.

When not doing missions for his church he does adventures for him self. Not only for getting food on the table but even more for getting better equipment and skills, so that he will be even better the next time his church calls for him.



Cara Luckwind

Female Human
Rogue/Cleric/Fortunes Friend
Member of Warriors of Wheloon

Retired as Level 20


Peter Brandt Vand


Cara is a young woman of 21 years, with free and adventurous spirit. Daughter of Duncan the Locksmith and Tara the priest of Tymora. She loves travelling the Realms and lets Tymora’s Luck lead the way. It sometimes gets her in trouble, but somehow also gets her out again.

Her greatest pasion is curious, rare and wonderous items, and one day she wants to open a shop called ”Cara’s Curious Items”, wit the slogan what you want we got it or we will get it for you.

At the moment she is looking for a new group of friends/adventures to travel the Realms with, to new places, experience new sights and hopefully find new fantastic items. Hopefully the travels will also bring her closer to avenging her father.



With the defeat of Ashardalon, and the near death experience with Orpheus the Demon. Cara felt it was time to pursue her other interests.


She said her goodbye and see you again to her fellow Warriors of Wheloon, she then travelled back to Daggerford to set up her dream of a trading company. She used her contacts in High Forest, Waterdeep, Baldurs Gate, her fame and what ever other means was necessery. She was very succesfull and is now running a well established company.


This has off course provided her with some wealth, this she is using too make life better in Daggerford, helping the Church of Tymora, and again making/buying her way in to the council of Daggerford.


All in all Cara is living a life of wealth, travel and is still trusting in Tymora’s luck to guide her way. Her door is always open, should the others from Warriors of Whellon stop by



Orkan Stonerider Thulaga

Male Goliath in Orc body
Fighter/Barbarian/Monk/Cleric/Reaping Mauler
Member of Warriors of Wheloon

Retired as Level 20


Regin Glob


Arkan is a young Goliath, born in the great Mountains that separates the great desert, Anauroch from the rest of the Realms.

He often got into fights, barbrawls and street fights and sometimes in the defense of his employer, but always with the same result, the big man as the winner. But his ambitions drove him to leave his guard job and seek new fortunes.

Arkan lives a simple life as he was raised by the monks.. Arkan wants to perfectionist his wrestling skills, he dreams of greater magic to help his ambitions, fighting in great arenas, winning the greatest trophies, being the one that the Bards of the Realms will praise in their songs!

Recently he has prioritised the Monk's way of living and is cuttently persueing the simple life without any possesions or wealth at all heading toward a wow of poverty with himself.

Transformed into living his live in an Orc body and apperance his physical appearance is in constant conflict with the goodness in his soul.

After the final battle against the Red Wyvern ”Ashardalon” and the rescuing of the unborn souls, Orcan returned to the realms and Waterdeep with his friends, Cara, Silwen, Strider and Zulkin the wizard also known by commoners as the “warriors of Wheloon”.

After their return, the celebrations took seven days and seven nights and the heroes were praised by every man and woman with a word to say in Waterdeep and throughout Faerun.

After the festivities ended and “normal” returned to the heroes, each of them found that the time of “the warriors of Wheloon” had ended and each of them headed in different directions!

 Orcan returned to his work in the church of Ilmater, now as “Saint Orcan” a title that Ilmater himself, bestowed upon him for his tireless fight for the poor people, especially children, of Faerun.

Orcan put aside the wandering life, at least for a while, and took charge of the Public kitchen, his churched had fostered in Waterdeep.

2 years after the heroes returned, Orcan went south, to keep a promise to an Ilmater cleric in Baldurs Gate. He had promised to restore his church and make it flourish like he had made Ilmaters church in Waterdeep grow. And Orcan did not disappoint his new friend and made, through hard work and a little money he had left from his adventuring days, a great monument for his God!

7 years after their final battle, Orcan found himself bored in Waterdeep and it became a normal sight to find a lonely orc surrounded by a shimmering holy light, wandering the countrysides picking up a fight or two against evildoers to local farmers, and rumours are that he has even taken the long trip to Hillsfar to fight in the famous arena´s against monsters and gladiators, surely trying to save some lost souls on his way too!


Grimwald Ironbeard

Male Dwarf Fighter/Dwarven Defender »

Member of Warriors of Wheloon

Retired as Level 12

Steffan Olesen

Grimwald Ironbeard is a male Shield dwarf adventurer. He was born in the vicinity of Waterdeep. He started early with weapon training and joined the local militia where he studied the art of fighting even more.

Grimwald is now 52 years old (still pretty young for a dwarf), 4' 5'' tall and weighing around 180 pounds. He has left his home and is now on his first adventure.

Grimwald likes to fight and loves to put some evil monsters to rest. And hopes to become an even better fighter and defender in the future, both with the help of more experience and better equipment.

He enjoys the group he has joined and loves when they work as a team fighting some tough monster he knows he wouldn't have been able to kill himself



Gondaral of Tyr

Male Human, Favored Soul»
Member of Warriors of Wheloon

Died as Level 12


Peter Brandt


Gondaral is a young man of 22 years, who follows the way of Tempus, the great lord of battles. Gondaral grew up in Malorens Rest in the shrine of Tempus, until the shrine was raised by Zhentarim troops from Darkhold, he still holds a grudge this day toward them, and will do whatever he can to stop their plans.

Gondaral has also spent the last 6 years searching for clues as to who his parents are, but have found nothing, all he has is an amulet, which was left with him as a baby at the shrine. He will keep searching until he finds them.

Recently Gondaral converted to the Deity Tyr after a first encounter experience with Tyr Presence on Watchers Knoll in Shadowdale, where Tyr put a sacred Quest upon him.

Gondaral loves the feel of Tyrs’ favor whenever he casts his spells, especially when his spells helps in battle and helps his friends. He knows that Tyrs’ favours him and he will do all he can to return the favor and help spread the word of Tempus.

Gondaral is a free spirit, who likes a good battle, and this new group of friends seem to attract battle faster than anyone, he has been adventuring with before. Maybe this time it will be for a long time, he hopes



Stilian Stealth

Male Human, Beguiler/Fighter/Evoker»

Member of Warriors of Wheloon

Died as Level 11

Regin Glob


Stilian Stealth is a young male human turning 20 next year. A complicated boy who shines when no one expects it and who has an irritating habit of screwing things up as soon as they are obvious. He gets involved in the encounters and often seeks out the weakest opponents  as “week opponents also has to go down”. He is a “jack of many trades”, he can fight like a warrior, cast spells of confusion and charm and he certainly has a weakness for collecting stuff. There are not many rules that he cannot bend to suit him and his needs. Stilian is a funny guy even though I´m not sure he really wants to be.  He would like to be taken seriously, but somehow always screws up when he has the chance.

He is on a search for his true deity, the God that can fill the empty part in his soul, he really would like to believe but he never feels that they are there when he really needs some help (maybe he expects just a little too much).

Stilian Stealth enjoys life especially after becoming a part of a group, but he also hates the strains that group matters puts on him. Stilian enjoys beer, bar games and barmaids, he enjoys life


Hob of Tymora

Male Halfling, Fighter/Rogue/Cleric»

Member of Warriors of Wheloon

Retired as Level 5

Bjarke Thorsen


The Character Hob was played by our former member Bjarke Thorsen - who died tradigcally in a car accident
1. april 2011  37 years old.

May he rest in peace.





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