Who are Group 2?





We are currently a group of 5 people dedicated to D&D. All members have a huge experience and a track record for more than 20+ years in playing various RPG systems and various Board games. All members has played RPG since the 1980's where the Red D&D Basic set was released for sale in Europe.


All members are 35+ years old and we are all are located in Copenhagen as well as Eastern part of Jutland.


We play a Marathon session (15+ hours of play) once a Quarter in the month February, May, August and November.


The "Orc cave", which serve as our gaming room is located just 13 km North of Central Aarhus.



About the Characters


Dungeon Master »
Morten Gregersen


Picture says it all - No further explanation required.....



Mortebal Celestborn

Male Aasimar, Favored Soul »
Member of Adventures of Wintersbane


Rene Thomsen



Mortibal Celestborn is a young Favored Soul, only 22 years old. He is dedicated to follow the righteous path of Tyr - the god of Law and Justice. Presently, Mortibal is affiliated with the temple "The Halls of Justice", which is located in Deep Water (Temple of Tyr).


He was born in the capital of Messemprar in the Unther region. During his early childhood, his father was killed as a result of disagreements between the Unther region and the neighboring country Mulhorand. Mortibal's mother decided to send Mortibal away from the hostile region and he grew up with some distant relatives in a small village near the city of Waterdeep. 


Here he was brought up with the deepest understanding and respect for the virtues and deeds a religious life can offer, something which also later had an impact on his decisions and shape of his character. It was therefore very logical for him to become a priest and becoming a part of the local congregation. However, he chose not to follow the strict path of the established church, but to seek out his own way to actively fight for justice. Mortibal feels that a sword in his hand is be much more effective and usable than quoting Holy Scriptures all day long.


Mortibal feels obliged to act against injustice and against all evil whenever he encounters it. He always tells the truth, keeps his word, and helps people in need without regard to his own personal costs of such actions. He hates to see the guilty go unpunished, and thus sees the life as an adventurer, as an perfect opportunity to do his part in eradicating all evil deeds.



Arvin "Swifthand" on Riding Dog "Sergo"

Male Halfling, Ranger/Rogue/Cleric»
Member of Adventures of Wintersbane


A. Smed



Arvin Swifthand was born in Lurien in the Southlands of Faerun but was raised on the farm in Featherdale far from Lurien. Arvin sees Featherdale as his homeland. But very special circumstances Arvin was taken away from his family when he was 17 and teleported to a cottage outside Nesme City. Here Arvin was trained by the Rougue/Ranger Wilroyrik who received him and adopted him as a son. From Wilroyrik, Arvin learned how to survive in the wilderness and shoot a sling but also quite a few thieves tricks - which by the way came to him easy and made a new meaning to his last name " Swifthand".


Arvin Swifthand is a stubborn character with a strong will and is a survivor.

Due to his turbulent and tragic past he sees life with very great realism more than optimism. He has learned that everyone is on your own When it comes Down to it. There is no good or bad or right or wrong When it comes to surviving. He still mourns over his lost parents and sometimes grief can overcome him. His only friend and the only creature he trust is the riding dog Sergo - which is the closest thing he has to family. He is loyal When he eventually gives his word (which is rare) but otherwise will tend to adjust as needed. He likes to keep things secret as this is the story of his life.


Arvin seek answers and eventually revenge. It is the unanswered questions which feeds his anger and drives him. Secondarily on the material level he is driven by collecting various wonderous magic items, knowledge and improve his primary skills- more than gold.




Male Half-Drow, Fighter/Wizard »

Member of Adventures of Wintersbane


Jeppe P.



I am Eloi the Halfdrow, son of Elantir and Eledriel. Inspired by our legendary fellow drow, Drizzt D'urden, several more followed his path, and took adventure outside the Drow homelands, the caves and dungeouns in Mezzoboranzan. My mother was one them. She was en amble magician and wanted to explore the magical world of the Realms, and needed to be free from the chains family and tradition. A few years after her departure, she met my father in Cormanthor, who was a Moon Elf Ranger.Both used to be outside the elven society, they lived isolated from both elf and men, and travelled far to find a place to call home. My mother’s heritage weren't looked upon favorably well with ordinary people... Thus I grew up alone, why they settled here I can only guess about, and I tend to stick to own
devices as my primary instinct. My father saw my talent with the bow and urged me to follow the same path he took. But the mysteries of woods and
nature didn't speak to me. But magic did. From an early age I was fascinated with my mother’s knowledge of magic, and I started to wonder if and how these two worlds could be combined. My search for this insight has given scars, both physical and on my soul that I do not wish to talk about. But I do believe that my true destiny lies in continuing this search, and I think it will give me the freedom to roam the lands, that was not always bestowed my mother. I travel with open hands, but I say to you - if you greet the Half-Drow with a sword, pray that my search has been in vain!




Male Human, Dragon Shaman »

Member of Adventures of Wintersbane


Thomas Greve

Character description to be inserted




Former Characters



Male Half-Elf, Knight »

Member of Adventures of Wintersbane

Died as Level 3


Thomas Greve



Thoar died tragically in a steep fall down a deep well inside an old Citadel in a quest to defeat a old mad Druid. The Citadel was located in a rift just south of the Northmost Mountains in Silver Marches.


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